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My Work

Partner & Creative Director for Valiant Media, Inc. of Dallas, TX. We design & build web sites & interactive media of any shape & size. Been doing advertising and interactive media solutions before the web came to life in '92. I work from home, or from any remote location 90% of the time. I love what I do, and have always wanted to "be an artist" my professional web site is:

My Hobbies

Right now, I building bicycles with my two sons, and spending time with them. s they get older, we are getting in to bigger better things. My dad never owned a wrench, so I got a late start and still ask a lot of questions. I can work on anything except new stuff, and like most of you tore everything a part as a kid, and still do. I bring more stuff home from the city dump I take there when I go. Rode a Kawasaki all through high school, but it got stolen. My personal web site is Buzz Collier introduced me to Mustangs, and is a true mentor to me.

My Bio

Born in Kansas City, moved to Ohio when I was 2, moved to Dallas, TX when I was 8, lived in DFW area up until I met my wife. We moved an hour East, to the sticks (since I can work from anywhere I get a web connection). We have a flower and veggie gardens, and two dairy cows. I have three kids, a 16 year old girl, and 9 and 11 year old boys. I also have 4 Dogs, 1 Cat, 5 Chickens, and 4 Turkeys.